Olive Leaf Extract

Active ingredient: oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol CAS No.: 32619-42 -4,10597-60-1 Latin name: Olea europaea L Part used: olive leaves Appearance: Brown and yellow powder Detection method: HPLC Specification:   oleuropein10%,20%,40%,50%,60% Hydroxytyrosol 5%,10%,20% Efficacy: olive leaf extract can protect skin cells from ultraviolet radiation, prevent ultraviolet decomposition of skin membrane lipids, promote the formation of collagen protein by fiber cells, reduce the secretion of fibronectin, prevent the antiglycan reaction of cell membrane, thus highly protect fiber cells, naturally resist the damage of skin caused by oxidation, be more free from ultraviolet damage, effectively maintain the tenderness and elasticity of skin, and achieve skin support. The effect of moisturizing the skin. Product packaging: 25kg/drum Validity period: 24 months

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